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Blog Showing up twice under my blogs

  1. thecraftbeerdad

    I only have one blog, but it is showing up twice under "my blogs". If I select one and make edits, they don't all keep. Am I able to delete one of them? They are both showing up with the same url.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the URL please? Staff can do this for you. I tagged this thread for their assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  3. thecraftbeerdad

    Here is the URL:

    And its odd, yesterday the site showed one set up edits, and today a different one.

  4. thecraftbeerdad

    Just curious how long an issue like this takes for Staff to look into after it has been flagged. I'm waiting to do anything with the blog because it is still showing as a duplicate and I don't want to do anything that may be lost.

  5. Hi there!

    I'm sorry for the delay! I have removed the duplicate blog! Please let me know if you have any issues going forward!

    Happy Blogging!

  6. thecraftbeerdad

    Thank you for fixing this. I had been waiting to upgrade my blog which I've now done.
    very appreciated.

  7. I have the same problem... Can you fix mine too?

  8. I'm having the same issue. Can you fix mine?

  9. @brannenjill- HI there, I have removed your duplicate blog as requested!

    @beachiebeauty- Hi there, I found that you do not have duplicate blogs. You do have multiple blogs with similar titles: This is the one has the custom domain:

    If you would like to permanently delete your site, follow the guide below:

    Please read the warnings and advice before deleting a site, as we can't revert a site deletion for any reason.

    If you want to hide your site instead, you can use the following guide to make your site private so only you and other members of the site can view it when logged in:

    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

  10. Hi - I have had same problem

    I had two so deleted one as thought was a dupe (reading this post looks like that was a bad idea). Now I only have one showing but sometimes it says it has been deleted and sometimes I am able to edit it. Eg: last night I managed to access it and changed the theme and added a photo, tonight it says the blog no longer exist! Help please!

  11. @verityrice- Hi there,

    I'm so sorry about this! I have deleted the duplicate blog. Please check your site and let me know if you run into any more issues!


  12. @gracejiyoung
    Many thanks - looks like is it behaving itself now so thank you. Though it was playing ball sometimes before anyway so will come back to you if it drops off the radar again. Phew - no content to speak of yet but didn't want to lose the name forever ;-)

  13. You're welcome! I'm glad it's working well now!

    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

  14. I am having the same issue... I just created a new blog for a class, but under "My Blogs," it's appearing twice. Can you please fix this for me, too? My new blog is

  15. @oluvisi- Hi there,

    I have removed the duplicate blog! Thank you!

  16. @gracejiyoung - Hello, I am having the same issue. It is appearing twice under My Blogs.

  17. @car1ita- Hi there,

    I have removed the duplicate blog as requested!

  18. @gracejiyoung Thank you!

  19. @car1ita- You're welcome! :D

  20. Hi, I'm also having the same problem with my blog appearing twice! Can you please fix it?

  21. @sashae11- Hi there,

    I have removed the duplicate blog!

    Thank you!

  22. @gracejiyoung -- we're also having that issue (me [n5227] and user: valleygirl2). the blog is "" and i see two: "unfvideo" and "UNF Video."

    They're both the same and i'd rather only see one :)


  23. @n5227-

    Hi there,

    I have deleted the duplicate blog!

    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

  24. @gracejiyoung -- you're awesome! if this happens again, is there a KB article i could follow to do this on my own?

    thanks again :)

  25. Hi there,

    Unfortunately, this is a bug that we are working on, so we're hoping this would no longer be a problem. But meanwhile, if this happens again, please reach out to us and we'll take care of it!

  26. @gracejiyoung -- thanks for the explanation.

    corollary question: before we noticed this issue, we thought our blog was somehow deleted. not the domain or the theme or anything, but all the page, post, and media content. and we have a few administrators set up while we all get acclimated to the environment and we chalked it up to user error. but after i posted this and you corrected the double blog issue, all the content was restored. was that related to the duplicate blog at all? or a lucky coincidence?


  27. Yes it was all related to the duplicate blog. :) Sorry about that!

  28. Hi, I think I'm having the same problem at Could you remove my duplicate blog? Thanks!

  29. Hi @koalaskyonline!

    Sorry about that! I have deleted the duplicate blog!

    Please let me know if you have any questions!

  30. Thanks!

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