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  1. pmarisolramirez


    I want my blog ( sidebar to appear in the left of the screen, like the one in my pages (for example,

    Can this be done?

    My domain is, and my theme Stay.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You will need to choose a WordPress Theme that features a sidebar on the left or one that allows you to choose which side you wish the sidebar to appear on.


  3. pmarisolramirez

    Ok, thanks.

    Right now I have the page´s sidebar in the left, and the blog´s one in the right.

    Can´t I even have them both in the right?

  4. Each theme is uniquely designed. This is your theme description
    Anything that is not provided in features column on the right hand side of the page there cannot be done without purchasing a custom design upgrade.

  5. pmarisolramirez

    Well, it does say "right sidebar" and "left sidebar".

  6. You have a choice of one other the other. You do not have a choice to put both on either the left or the right.

  7. pmarisolramirez

    Too bad.

    Thanks, anyway.

  8. You can switch to a theme that does have two right hand sidebars.

  9. pmarisolramirez

    Yep, but I´m having trouble finding another one that I like with a page (not a posts) slider.

  10. pmarisolramirez

    For example, in the Oxygen theme, you can only slide posts, rigth?

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