Blog site not publishing – Invalid request.

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    I requested support on this before and was advised the problem was fixed – Its not fixed.

    I put in the blog information. I add some tags and then press “Publish”

    Up pops “Invalid request.” Why? Why wont this work? The main site is fine. I want a second site for short blogs. Help would be appreciated
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Will you please post into the sticky post at the hed of the forum that’s on this smae topic?


    @timethief. Thank you for your response – but I do not understnad what you are saying I should do.



    I will flag this thread so Staff assist you. Please be patient while waiting.


    Thank you timetheif.

    I wish I had kept the original emails sent to me. But when the guy said it was fixed, silly me I believed him and of course thanked him.

    I can do nothing else but be patient.

    Would a Pro account get me better access to support?




    There is no such thing as a pro-account. There are upgardes we can purchse individually and in bundles. Purchasing an upgrade does rpovide the ability to directly contact Staff from the help link on your Admin page. However, the same Staff still ahve the same workload to respond to and when we create a support ticket by contacting Staff it’s important to understand they have a backlog. They deal with the support tickets with the earliest dates first. So if we contact them more than once on the same issue the date moves forward and it takes longer to get help.


    timetheif – I used the wrong term – but I think you understood what I was suggesting.



    When you attempt to publish a post, are you using the Visual editor tab, Text editor tab, Full Screen editor, QuickPress, or New Post tab on the main page?


    Not sure macmanx. (I don’t know)

    I should add the only way I seem to get into smartamarketing2 is via the standard smartamarketing blog. I have to click on my name and pic (up top r/h side) and it gives me a list – including sm2.

    I click on this, a drop down appears which says “new post”. I Click on that.

    This takes me to the sm2 blog site and I (again) have to find and click on “new post). Which then takes me to the format I use. This is certainly different in apprearance to the regular sm blog.

    I would of course prefer sm2 to have its own “entrance” that I can create a shortcut for.




    Thank you Macmanx. It seems to work -0 I have put in 2 new ones.

    I have a third blog (with a similar name. Can I rename it? and make it into a newsletter perhaps?

    If so how?




    Sure, you can change the blog’s address following this guide:

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