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    I am co admin for above and today the side widgets have become invisible … I was advised to start a new ‘thread’ because I saw a problem very similar from someone else…. and made a request there. Timethief said to do this… Thanks for any help Diane

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Diane,
    Thanks for starting a new thread. I don’t help with CSS editing but I wonder if you have opened the widgets to be sure the conditional visibility settings that indicate which pages the widgets display on are correctly set up. See here:


    I checked the settings and they are on all pages no restrictions …’on visibility’ and earlier in the day all was fine …This only happened later in the day… nothing had been changed… hope this helps Diane


    Her blog site is okay now….Thanks Diane



    Hi again Diane,
    Thanks for sharing that good news. :)


    timethief… it looked as though problem was fixed…but alas not so. I’ve gone to different links and now confused but somewhere instructions were given to go to Appearance/Customize/Click CSS /Add Code body(color : inherit and the issue would be fixed..

    When I just clicked on CSS it looked like it was fixed but it didn’t last… I am out of my comfort zone adding codes etc but I did it and Saved but it went back to not visible…. HELP !!! Diane


    Here is the instructions given to those having issues

    Thank you for your patience.

    Happiness Engineer
    Sep 14, 2013, 6:14 AM

    Our developers are still investigating the issue as we speak. However, we do have a temporarily fix that resolved the issue for some of our users.

    Follow the steps below:

    1: Go to the Customizer at ‘Appearance’ -> ‘Customize’ in your blog’s dashboard
    2: Click on CSS
    3: Add the code below to the CSS editor and then click on the [Save] button.
    body { color: inherit; }


    Okay this morning it does look like it is DEFINITELY fixed… I hope this is the end of the problem… Thanks to all that helped…Diane


    Thanks for reporting back to say the problem looked fixed on the 15th!

    If you run into any further trouble, please start a new help request at

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