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  1. blueschoolofmotoring


    is it possible to use the WordPress software to create a blog under my own domain name on a hosted server?



  2. Yep, go to your dashboard, and click on upgrades, then the domian tab and you will be able to do that easily.

  3. blueschoolofmotoring

    Cheers Webdesignni

    Thanks for that. Can I then install any features I like such as Google addwords affiliate adds etc??

  4. @blueschool, doing as webdesignni says, does not move your blog off of, it only maps your new domain name to the blog you have. Since your blog is actually still hear, then you have the same restrictions.

    What you would want to do to use ads and have more freedom is to self-host your blog using the software downloaded from http://wordpress.ORG. Also see http://wordpress.ORG/hosting/

  5. Changing the domain name doesn't change the restrictions at (no flash/scripting/forms/iframes and no ads).

    If you want to install using your own hosting, you'll need to ask for assistance at

  6. heh, apparently great minds think alike tsp :-)

  7. {@katm - stereo}

  8. (I see that webdesignni has only been a member for an hour. He/she needs to be careful with responses.)

  9. blueschoolofmotoring

    Hi I have checked out those help pages thanks a lot. Are there any that host in the UK?

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