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    Hi there,

    Wondering if anyone out there knows of some blog software that allows the creation/editing of pages for WP as I would prefer to use a software package instead of being continually logged in to WP.


    Curtis M.



    yes, there are several. I don’t have links handy but googling them will help you find them.
    there are several “Pay” ones,, but there are also lots of free ones,
    try w.blogger,windows live writer, there is also blogdesk, ecto and on and on.
    I’ve been meaning to put a section on my site about blog posting software with reviews,, maybe this is my sign to do that, check and look, that’s assuming your reading this in the future from now :)


    i’m not aware of any that can edit pages (rather than posts). i believe pages are not part of the API that blogging software connects to.



    Agree with Sun. I was going to mention BlogDesk but I remember that it can’t work with Pages.

    I don’t think the three APIs that wp can use can work with Pages.



    well could be my bad, but i wasn’t taking the question litterally, i was taking it to mean working with posts.
    perhaps only mlinimpexp could really answer this..
    but at any rate,, i’m still working on the software thing on my page,, as i think it would be a useful resource. i know i didn’t find much and had to to alot of seperate research finding anything when i was looking. anyways, having a little problem installing the review app into my page,
    i’m getting some errors and contacted the author.
    stay tuned, i will post and ask for suggestions when ready.



    A lot of people like Flock. It is targeted toward blogging with text, photos, video, and tags. You might want to try this. It has easy integration with services such as Flickr,, Technorati, and YouTube.

    It is available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

    If anyone happens to be running Linux as their OS, you can use these instructions to install Flock with ease. Otherwise installation should be self explanatory.



    Hi brent,
    I know Flock’s an offline publisher like the others. But I think the important point here is can it be used to edit pages as opposed to posts.



    I know this, but perhaps I am making the same mistake as netorious. I do not find it exactly clear if this person means posts or pages. I’m thinking that this person means posts, which is why I gave the response that I did .

    Otherwise, nevermind. I figured I’d add Flock, because it is a cross platform editor, it’s free, and was not mentioned yet.

    If we are talking about actual static pages, as opposed to dynamic posts, that is something totally different. Again, I am not exactly sure what this question means, which is why I directed my comment to everyone in general, not just the person who asked the question.

    As far as I know, there is no such free software to edit pages offline. The only other thing that I would suggest is to use a WYSIWYG HTML editor to create the HTML code for the page, then copy and paste it into the page writer.

    I imagine that the reason that there is no capability for this, would be due to the fact that people use, a blogging platform, to generate dynamic blog pages for the most part. Blogging is more of a daily thing than creating static pages.

    One thing I’d like to ask is, what is wrong with the editor? I like it. It’s easy as can be to use.



    I just write about blog software too, but it in Bahasa Indonesia. This is a link. You can click links for each blog software what do you want. Sorry my english is poor. If you use microsoft office 2007, you can send postings from it. On linux we use Bleezer.



    Weren’t there some compatibility problems with Flock and WordPress? I seem to remember some image issues, but can’t recall them off the top of my head.



    The issue though urip is that the original poster is requesting an offline blog publisher that publishes Pages, not Posts. The issue is that the three APIs that wordpress supports do not support the difference between Pages and Posts.

    Not sure about the upgraded Atom support that is coming down. Haven’t seen tthe API.


    Well, WordPress works extremely well as a general content management system for static pages as well, and in this light it’s quite silly to me that the API cannot support the offline editing of pages.

    Put another way… it would be really great if someone would add this functionality.

    I like the online editor too, but when I am editing a complex page, it can get awfully slow, and sometimes doesn’t have all the features I need. It slows me down.


    Have you considered sending in that idea to staff? During support hours you can use the “support” link on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page and share your idea for expanded functionality with the folks who make decisions.



    since quite recently there’s an API for managing WordpPress™ Pages and also there’s also an offline client using this API — MS Windows™ Live Writer is the only one I’m aware insofar.



    I can edit my pages with scribefire.



    Thanks so much for sharing this Scribefire tip with us. :)


    [waving to TT}
    It’s my understanding that in the next version of Ecto (3.0) that you will be able to edit pages as well. It’s in beta right now and I have my fingers crossed that page editing will make it in to the official release.



    Thanks for sharing that too. :)

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