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  1. Well about half of my blog space is now filled. So I know that I can just add another blog and continue there once this one's filled or buy that space upgrade. I just thought I'd see your opinions on which I should go for. Here are what I think are the Pros and Cons of both

    Getting The Upgrade

    I keep going on the same blog so it shouldn't affect views

    Once the new space is filled then I'm paying extra money each month for nothing

    New Blog


    I'll Never run out of space


    It could utterly destroy views

    I think I'm leaning towards the upgrade, but would you guys say it's wise?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It took you 2 years to half filled the space. And it'll take 2 more years to filled it. So I think it's quite early to think about them.

  3. Trust me it will be less than 2 years. The first year barely counted

    2010 1787
    2011 4314
    2012 2141

    Those were my post numbers through the years. 2012 isn't counting this month and the months to come so it'll almost definitely crack 3-4K. Now a days I'd never have a year as small as 2010 so it could be sooner. And I don't want to wait too long either because it's not good for everything to be rushed. I don't want the blog to go on hiatus for a day or 2 so I can think of what to do

  4. The space upgrade for images, do you mean? If so, if the images on your more recent posts are anything to go by, you won't need the space upgrade for a quite a while. As for never running out of space if you buy it - if you're uploading such large images (or videos, if it's the video upgrade), then you'll need to buy another one.

    My advice: stick with what you've got for now and, as hnsaifi said, wait til another year or so is up before thinking about it again.

  5. By the way, the posts themselves don't count towards using up space in a blog - you can have any number of posts you want. It's just the media that uses up the space allowances.

  6. Take a look at a box 'Right Now' on your dashboard. There's 'Storage Space' at the bottom. You can check the percentage of space you have used. Have it reached 50 % already?
    I've been blogging for 1.5 years and it only reached 3% of space. It means 2% per year. Guess I can keep blogging for another 48.5 years without worrying about space. :)

  7. @absurdoldbird Yeah, okay. I guess I'll wait and see for now

    @Nandobase Well it says I've used 49% on the main page, but in the actual posts it says I've used 51% Either way I guess I'm not totally in danger of being filled at any rate :)

  8. Well, I guess you do need a space. :)
    But if space is all you need then you don't have to buy an upgrade. Make a new blog. Use it as your media storage. Upload your photos to this storage and display them in the posts of your current blog.
    Keep your money on your wallet. :)

  9. You can do that!? Well then that solves my problem right there! Thanks a lot sir :)

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