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blog splitting

  1. countryepicure

    Our blog is a joint venture, but we may have come to irreconciliable views on the future. Suppose we want to set up two new blogs which would each have everything that has gone before, but would have separate new posts. Looking at the FAQs, it sounds easy, but then it says that you have to do the photos separately "unless you keep the old blog." We have over a thousand photos. Could we just keep the old blog inactive and use it as a resource for the new ones to retain the old photos? Any other ideas?

  2. Yes, you can. But you cannot set it to Private, because then all those files become unavailable.

  3. countryepicure

    Thank you Raincoaster. I split them today and it seems to be working well. I was unable to change the theme on our new one as the photos got out of alignment, but the old theme, Simpla, is ok. One small problem is that all of their old posts now show as having been posted by me on our blog. The obverse is true on theirs. We shall see how well our readers do updating RSS feeds, favorites etc.

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