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  1. Is there a link to view Blog stats other than the number of categories, posts and comments? I'm interested in seeing how many folks are visiting my blog.

    Thank you!!


  2. The only stats available at the moment are accesed via Dashboard under Blog stats

  3. Some have said that they added Site Meter to their blogroll but when I did it, it didn't work.

  4. Thanks for the info!! Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything, as I'm new to WP...

  5. suzsays: from your original post, it seems that you weren't aware of the blogstats page (i.e., there is a specific page). as marc says, it's under My Dashboard (the default section under My Dashboard is Dashboard, but you can also switch to BlogStats).

  6. I dunno if allows external stat spplications to be installed but if they do, check up on Mint ( I'm running it on all my sited and it completely rocks. It's pretty much all you'll ever need.

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