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  1. I notice the Blog Stats feature is different. I don't know how to interpret the new graph. I like the old Blog Stats better. How do I switch back???

  2. same problem

  3. are you running IE, cause on my work comp(which is running IE) I get the crappy blog stats, but then last night on my home comp (which is running firefox) the better graph was showing up with no problems.

  4. yes, i am running IE but this problem started 2 days ago... not before... i used IE too

  5. I'm not too sure then....I just know that on my comp at home, on firefox, i get the normal graph....and then this morning i am at work and stuck with the crappy one....figured there might be some kind of reasoning behind that.
    but i do agree with you that this "newer" one sucks, and I have no idea how to read it either. LOL

  6. I just tried the stats with IE and Firefox, they word fine in Firefox, but are screwed up in IE.

  7. I don't understand this at all, I have IE AND Firefox, and the normal graph shows on FF and the goofy one shows on IE... Strange...

  8. Well I guess that goes to show that firefox IS better than IE! Stupid work comp! Ha ha ha :)

  9. i can't put firefox on my work computer. So they need to fix this!

  10. chartreuse:
    They will fix it. A lot of people have to use IE at work, so I'm sure it will be resolved. Some new functionality with secure http went in this week, and it has affected the logins, and navigation through various links when administering your blog. It seems like some caching issues, so depending which of their servers your account sits on could impact when all cache issues get caught up.

    Did you try clearing all cookies and cache in IE, closing then restarting the browser, and login again. That may help, not sure but worth a try.

  11. FYI: I meant MY stupid work comp, cause I have to use IE while at work too.

  12. Tried it, repeatedly. Doesn't help.

  13. Guys both graph is in flash. They can't come out of nowhere in a different way just because it's firefox or IE. And Apparently I'm very unlucky because I'm on firefox and I got the crappy one with A and B area...

    Maybe if we could read it, it would be actually a good one...

    I think it has been supported first on IE then on firefox that's all... Now it's everywhere!

    The real question now: How do we read this new graph? Please help!

  14. do you know when the problem will be solved?


  15. All I can really advise you to do is keep sending feedbacks. It's easy for the developers to ignore forum threads, but if you bombard them with feedback they may acknowledge there's a problem. No guarantees, though.

  16. Found out at work today that it works perfectly in Firefox. Dammit, I'm not switching to Firefox just because the techs here won't support the world's most widespread Internet application. For god's sake, whatever you think of Microsoft products, this is just ridiculous.

  17. no problem with firefox...but with IE the problem continues...

  18. The stats were working fine in IE for me a few days ago, but now alternate between the A/B bar graph and the proper stats. I don't have FireFox access here at work, either, so I'd love if this could get fixed up!

  19. the problem continues...

  20. This is getting old really quick. Can someone at WP acknowledge this problem or maybe give us an estimate on how long until it's fixed??

  21. Probably after the SxSW conference (if ever), because I think Matt and maybe other admins are there.

  22. When is the SxSW conference supposed to be over?

  23. threadingwater

    This stats problem has been going on for a week now. Just how much time and effort does it take to acknowledge the problem and assure us that the administrators are working on a solution?

    Maybe 30 seconds?

  24. I've got exactly the same problem. May someone please help. Thanks.

  25. is there any solution??

  26. Forget all that. Just who comes from Region A and who comes from region B. I think we should be told.

  27. Has anyone actually posted something about this through the feedback channel?

    Personally I don't care which I see, like AndyC though, I wouldn't mind knowing what A and B are...

  28. Err, actually, I was only joking. I prefer the true, accurate WordPress stats. The Region A and region B are clearly placeholders as 1) they relate to non-existent dates and 2) they are static.

    I wonder if Region A is Web 2.0 'A' listers though... :-)

  29. the graphs cant be accurate either.. it started with 2003 and i definitely do not have this blog in 2003 or 2004 or 2005.. so the graph is basically bullshit..

    i did send feedback TWICE!! and nobody replied or did anything.. whats up man.. already as it is i cant insert my own stats scripts and now this..

  30. I keep hearing about all the new stuff on the widgets. Widgets aren't available on my theme, and actually since I never had them I don't miss them. I mean they would be nice, but since I haven't had them, it isn't a biggie.
    I am a new blogger. As an independent woman, I should be fully capapble of blogging away, without needing the reaffirmation that someone is actually reading what I have written. Alas, I am a real, mortal creature and as such, I need the reassurance that someone else is out there. My blogs stats are important to me, I am used to having them. Now they are gone, and I miss them.
    So please, put my widgets on hold, and work on my blog stats. When that is fixed, then we can think of the widgets again.
    Thank you.
    CC to feedback

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