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    I’d like to ask whether it’s possible to get blog stats for different period than the default, 7 or 30 days ?

    Thanks in advance



    nope, unless you insert external blog stat widgets, such as sitemeter.



    Actually we used to be able to. Haven’t tried it in a while but it’s covered by question 3 here in this FAQ.

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    In the URL for stats, set numdays=nn

    where nn is the number you want to see. This idea came from //engtech who has a method for getting an entire year (don’t have link handy.)

    Unfortunately, currently, as you move from 7 to 14 or even 120 days, the actual search terms returned for the past few days changes with each iteration= (yesterday has lots at 7 days and nothing at 120 days.) I’ll post to feedback on this.


    “In the URL for stats, set numdays=nn”

    This change is a good idea to see the stats for each post.
    Is there any way to change the period in the diagram for the total visits of the blog ??



    I have had a go at this and I cannot see a way. The text information below the graph changes, but not the graph itself, which seems stuck on the last 30 days. Sorry.



    Actually the Blog Stats widget should show the total number of page views if that helps.


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