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    My Blog Stats dashboard option hasn’t been working. Well, I guess it’s just the Flash section of the Blog Stats that isn’t working.

    I see an orange rectangle with this text inside:
    Loading <../wp-includes/charts/stats-data.php> timed out. (-1)

    Anyone else experiencing this as well? Or is this a problem specific to me?



    Please assume that we know nothing about your setup, connection to the net, security settings, version of Flash, browser, etc and give us some details please. :)

    I would also try clearing out your cache and doing a force reload of the page in question. You usually get that error because Flash installed correctly or something’s timeout.


    ’tis workin’ furr meeee.

    Hav’ you triiieed clearrin’ yurr cache?

    Sorry, went a bit local there. Try clearing your browsers cache and giving it a go.



    OK drmike, here it is. I’m using Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 RC1. I know, I know, highly developmental. But I’ve been using this release of Firefox for 1 week+. The stats graph was displaying fine earlier today, then all of a sudden started throwing up that error.

    I just cleared my cache, restarted Firefox, and the graph still has the same error. Not sure what version of Flash I have, but I haven’t updated it recently. All I know is the graph was displaying fine this morning and then all of a sudden started giving errors.

    Oh, and I’ve got a DSL connection to the net. 1MBit up/2MBit down.

    UPDATE: The Feed Stats graph works just fine, but the Blog Stats still is not. Not sure how that works, I guess the two graphs must use different routines.



    OK, it’s working again, totally outta the blue. Came back to my desk, clicked “refresh” and there it was. Weird.



    May have been an issue with the stats server. We’ve been told that it is seperate from the other boxes. Usually though we have a few folks commenting on it when it’s down though.

    Glad to see that it’s working though for you. :)


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