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    I didn’t know where to put this thread, so when I didn’t see any category that I thougt was good I decided to put it here.
    About that “Blog stats”-section in dashboard. How does it work with not logging my own visits? Is that when I´m logged in to the wp-admin and have the “My Dashboard” and “New Post” on the top of the blog?



    It doesn’t count your own visits if:

    a. you are logged into at all.
    b. (I believe) there’s a cookie that stores IP information. When you visit your blog when you aren’t logged in the cookie will report that it’s you.

    Not 100% on point b but I think that’s how it works.



    i don’t exactly understand cornell’s b, but to my knowledge blog stats do count your visit when you are not logged in. so it will not count your visit to your blog when you’re logged in.

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