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  1. I miss my blog stats too. Why won't any of the admin reply?

  2. I agree with homesweethome.....I miss my stats too, (well atleast when I'm at work..using the crappy IE) :)

  3. i know it's a free site, and i appreciate it. i'm computer illiterate, so i have no idea what firefox or ie is, much less the distinction between the two. if i can't look at the line graph anymore, i'd appreciate a note on how to read whatever that bar graph is supposed to represent.

  4. My stats are also showing the bar graph and I used the feedback to report this.
    I also use IE.

  5. We're working on it, in the meantime if you use a browser other than IE it should work.

  6. I got mine back tonight. Thank you, thank you thank you!

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