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    Probably after the SxSW conference (if ever), because I think Matt and maybe other admins are there.


    When is the SxSW conference supposed to be over?


    This stats problem has been going on for a week now. Just how much time and effort does it take to acknowledge the problem and assure us that the administrators are working on a solution?

    Maybe 30 seconds?



    I’ve got exactly the same problem. May someone please help. Thanks.



    is there any solution??



    Forget all that. Just who comes from Region A and who comes from region B. I think we should be told.



    Has anyone actually posted something about this through the feedback channel?

    Personally I don’t care which I see, like AndyC though, I wouldn’t mind knowing what A and B are…



    Err, actually, I was only joking. I prefer the true, accurate WordPress stats. The Region A and region B are clearly placeholders as 1) they relate to non-existent dates and 2) they are static.

    I wonder if Region A is Web 2.0 ‘A’ listers though… :-)



    the graphs cant be accurate either.. it started with 2003 and i definitely do not have this blog in 2003 or 2004 or 2005.. so the graph is basically bullshit..

    i did send feedback TWICE!! and nobody replied or did anything.. whats up man.. already as it is i cant insert my own stats scripts and now this..


    I keep hearing about all the new stuff on the widgets. Widgets aren’t available on my theme, and actually since I never had them I don’t miss them. I mean they would be nice, but since I haven’t had them, it isn’t a biggie.
    I am a new blogger. As an independent woman, I should be fully capapble of blogging away, without needing the reaffirmation that someone is actually reading what I have written. Alas, I am a real, mortal creature and as such, I need the reassurance that someone else is out there. My blogs stats are important to me, I am used to having them. Now they are gone, and I miss them.
    So please, put my widgets on hold, and work on my blog stats. When that is fixed, then we can think of the widgets again.
    Thank you.
    CC to feedback



    I miss my blog stats too. Why won’t any of the admin reply?



    I agree with homesweethome…..I miss my stats too, (well atleast when I’m at work..using the crappy IE) :)



    i know it’s a free site, and i appreciate it. i’m computer illiterate, so i have no idea what firefox or ie is, much less the distinction between the two. if i can’t look at the line graph anymore, i’d appreciate a note on how to read whatever that bar graph is supposed to represent.



    My stats are also showing the bar graph and I used the feedback to report this.
    I also use IE.



    We’re working on it, in the meantime if you use a browser other than IE it should work.


    I got mine back tonight. Thank you, thank you thank you!

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