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    hi, the stats system is kinda…messy all & all but then again it might be my brainworking that’s not working. Anyways, today when I wanted to check the blog stats it showed some stuff from 2003-2005, with a brown “Region A” and blueish “Region B”.

    I’m not interested at all what has happened back then, I’d be interested about the traffic at MY blog. So, what is this (as I don’t have any ideas what the heck this stat is trying to tell) & is it going to be like it was? Or can I change it myself? Or maybe I just don’t get the point…. :O) Thanks for answering. :O)



    Same with my blog



    maybe some new kind of feature! If i’d be you i’ll wait for explanations.. be patient!



    same here at my blog, and yes, waiting patiently for any word on that!



    I’ve got the same problem, and given that my blog didn’t start back until 2006 on WordPress (unless it somehow imported information from my previous Blogger blog which we started in 2005), I’m not sure where it is getting the data to show 2003 and 2004 bar charts.



    Oh good, so I’m not the only one who got that and was wondering what it meant.


    same problem. something is relocated? (the flash graphic)



    Okay, so it’s not my imagination! Same thing here.



    I am getting the same with some of my users and not others. You can see a screenshot from username “arenmaeir” here:

    in my user i do not see this problem.



    I have to underline that I don’t really know how this system here works BUT I’m just wondering that nobody from the moderation team answers to this, this is the “support” section….

    Anyways, I read the other subject line about the Site Meter counter and I installed it to my site: it’s better than the WP’s own counter, go ahead and take it! :O)


    I’m seeing exactly the same graph – same figures and everything – as Gath. I like to have a quick peek at my graph every day – the stats are one of the best things about WordPress, and now they’re messing it up!

    Will someone from WordPress PLEASE post to this thread and explain what’s going on?


    I’m wondering the same thing and I too just began this blog this year so ???



    I only started mine a week and a half ago, and I have exactly the same image. If this is because they are switching to a new server, they really should have told us. And someone should tell us now that they’re reading this and working on the problem. I’m tweaking various things to see the effect on hits, and I might as well just take a vacation while this is going on.

    I did ask them if they’d put a line in, OUTSIDE the Flash graph, listing total hits for each day. That way we could save as text with one click. As-is, the statcounter is utterly dependant on Flash, which isn’t a great thing, as we are finding out.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love the stat counter when it works. I just think this little addition would help us when something goes wrong, like now.


    I am new to WordPress and blogging….how long does it usually take for a resolution of problems like this to occur? Ive had this graph showing up for 2 days now, not my daily stats, would like to know if its going to be fixed soon.



    Seeing the same problem here – also feedback and trackbacks on posts you write (to ping other posts) aren’t working.



    When I was on my home computer last night, which is running Firefox, the old graph (the easy to understand daily one) came up when I clicked on my blog stats. But yesterday and now today as well, on my work comp, which is running IE, the crappy yearly graph is showing up. I wonder if that has something to do with it. Cause last night everything was all good.


    I’m seriously obsessed with my blog so this problem is seriously driving me crazy. Why isn’t anyone answering?



    My graph returned to normal this morning, but I am little concerned about the lack of explanation from WordPress. This lack of communication can sometimes be a sign that there is bigger trouble afoot.


    Can we please get some response from WordPress on this issue! My blog stats are still not working and it’s been two days already. I can be patient with temporary glitches, but this has been going on far too long with no explanation.



    ok. i feelo good. i am not the only one. We are 3 friends using the blog and i am the only one with this problem… is there any solution???

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