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    My blog stats have never returned to normal view. I still have the bogus graph. I know it is bogus, because it covers years for which my blog didn’t even exist.



    Your blog stats returned to normal, jonpatch? Mine didn’t… How come the WordPress admin aren’t answering???



    I would like to ask a serious question of all these folks that are complaining SO loudly:

    How do you like the PRICE you are charged for this blog service??

    It’s free, and you get what you pay for, wow, what a bunch of ungrateful whiners…



    I’m sure that the administrators are aware of our concerns. How can they not be when so many of us are voicing our thoughts about it? So, I wonder why they haven’t broadcast a note about the issue?


    Ahhhh…. because that’s status quo and modum operandum genericum (excuse my totally fractured latin….) for the devs. No, I’m not being nasty. Just honest…. having been around for a VERY long time (since day one here and for much longer than that on the .org support forum and the listserv, under various nicks), I can truthfully say that you won’t hear much if anything until the PTBs decide that someone whose opinion he/they value has made some remarks they can’t leave unaddressed.

    And I can practically guarantee you I’m not the one they care about.



    Yep, same here. I’m sure they’re working on it; good to see I’m not the only one seeing this. :-)

    I’d also like to know what that reigon A & B thing is too, even if it doesn’t apply to me.




    the stats now working for me, but only with Opera, not with IE :).




    the problem continues… with IE


    I have the same problem. I know that sometimes software development can lead to a bug, but this does not look like a bug. It looks like a new feature!
    But I don’t see the purpose of it, I don’t see the reason that it has replaced the old but useful stats! I don’t see whose idea it would be????!!
    Lets be patient and trust the WordPress developers, and hope they will notice it if had not noticed yet. They have done a great job so far, I am sure this will be fixed as well.



    I don’t think volunteers can help with this one. I’ll leave it to you to send a feedback into staff after the weekend on this.



    Might help us help you though if you told us what specifically you were seeing.

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