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    On the Blog Stats sub page of my Dashboard, there’s a note that says “Just a note: we don’t count your own visits to your blog.” Does this note mean that my visits aren’t counted when I’m logged or does WP also use a cookie or something to avoid counting me when I’m checking to see what those who aren’t logged in see?

    The blog I need help with is



    it doesn’t count the stats when you’re logged in, it counts the stats when you’re not logged in.






    I just tested this and actually my visits to the blog are getting counted while I am logged in to WordPress. Can someone look into this?
    sales savvy blog

    thank you!



    How do you expect us to look into it? You may not be aware of this, but this is a volunteer forum, we have no access to your blog or your stats. Anyway, how do you know it’s you and not someone else?


    Contact staff directly at .



    1. Actually I’m new in creating blog at I’ve register my ID + Hosting recently. I guess I’ve done my blog (Front Page) well. But the problem is that I can’t install Plugins to my blog. I’ve try for so many time but always fail. The message always shown as follows:
    “Unable to create directory home/ellmok/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2009/06 is its parent directory writeable by the server?”

    2. I try to create new pages(Not Post)by Title of “About” but I can’t preview them. Its always in error.
    I really hope your assistant to solve this problem.

    Thank You

    Mohtar Hamdan


    @ellmok: You’re in the wrong forum. See the Stickies up top in this forum.



    Hey I’m new to WP – can anyone tell me if the dashboard “blog stats” shows somewhere what percentage/number of “unique” hits my blog gets as compared to “regular” or “return” visitors?


    That information is not provided with the blog stats here.

    You could look into sitemeter or statcounter which will provide a little more information, but since we cannot use the javascript version, the stats from those sources is limited also. They also both limit the amount of information they keep for you so older stat stuff is constantly overwritten. There is a paid upgrade with more storage space for the stats. The details will be at their sites.



    Oh, OK – thanks, Sacred Path. I’ve got sitemeter, maybe I’ll upgrade. I’ve TRIED to get google analytics hooked up, but my layout (style sheet) doesn’t seem to allow it to function right. Also, the Facebook Networkedblogs follow me gadget won’t work right cuz no java scripts allowed. Wonder why? I’ve been told if I HOST a WP .org blog on my own website I can get Java to work. Different topic, but is that true to your knowledge?


    WordPress is already using GA site wide, so that means it cannot be used on individual blogs here, and the code that they have will not work here.



    Drat. Hey I just visited your blog – nice! Got it bookmarked, will stop in again. :)



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