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  1. What happened to my blogstats, the last time I checked I have a total of 7469, how come, I could not see it on my sidebar?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We're experiencing some technical problems right now. Stats may not be working properly until we get everything back online. We're working on that now.

  3. I came from 382.000 to exactly -1 visitor. ;-) I find it funny. But WP always fixes this kind of problems and they will do it again.

  4. fatbellyproductions

    good to know that I am not the only one with a negative value.

  5. Good to know these type of problems gets fixed. My heart dropped when I saw -1. lol

  6. LOL :D ... I looked at mine and know exactly what you mean. Not to worry Staff are on the job.

  7. I have noticed it an hour ago. And also i was not able to login for a long time. But i think it was okay as is going through some maintenance.

  8. Lol your not alone, for I while I also could not see my blog stats in my sidebar. But I waited 30 mins, refreshed, and then it was all better...although somehow I randomly lost 17 views? o_o

  9. Stats should return to normal in time. Some had to be recalculated from the data storage. So, they may take a little extra time for the newest stats to start displaying properly, but the underlying data is there.

  10. Not sure if my problem with is related to these technical problems or not. But as of Friday, when I look at Blog Stats, in the top posts area, all pages show as 'no title on file' ? However, we also had someone try and change our permalinks for a day last week and think that might be the issue? Any suggestions would be great.

  11. @edrone
    I'm sorry but that's not a free hosted wordpress.COM blog and we Volunteers only provide support for blogs being free hosted by wordpress.COM on this forum. Please see >

  12. My sincerest apologies timethief! I completely misunderstood the backend of this blog as

  13. No problem and need need to apologize. :)

  14. Has this problem been corrected yet? I think my blog stats are still down by about 10,000-20,000 hits.

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