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    I’ve noticed that on my Blog Stats page of the dashboard, all stats are in GMT time. That means I, living in Arizona (GMT -7) see that it’s 11-9-2007 and I have 0 views, when in my timezone it is 5:00 PM and there are many views from the day.

    I have it set in my profile to use GMT-7, but the stat system doesn’t seem to notice. Can this please be implemented, or is there a way to make it display for my timezone?



    Please do not “shoot the messenger”. This has been requested before (please check the forum searchbox). The result was that the 5 PM time for a new stats day will not be changed. There are over 1.7 million blogs and they will not be individually calculated to suit the timezones the bloggers live in.



    /nod to timethief

    I’d like to add that, while I understand the frustration, I consider this to be a non-issue. Readers don’t see the time or date of the stats. The date stamps on my posts, which they do see, are correct for my time zone. That matters to me.

    The stats time is just a 24-hour cycle and there’s a good chance that some of the “many views from the day” came during those hours when it was already another day in GMT. (I’ve got hits from tomorrow and it’s still today.) The cycle has to start and end somewhere and GMT is widely used for “universal” times.

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