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Blog stats are being censored?

  1. On March 28th, I posted the movie Fitna to my blog along with comments about the dangers inherent in Islamic fascism. As of March 29th, my dashboard stats show zero activity. I know this is bogus because the hosting site shows dozens of unique visitors each day.

    Does WordPress invoke censorship/political correctness? If so, then the worldwide threat of Islam just got a bit scarier.

    The only other possibility I can think of is that my version of WordPress is too out of date. But then, the coincidental timing seems unusual.

    My site is

  2. You're self hosted. You need to ask at for help.

  3. Obviously Islam doesn't have much to be afraid of there.

  4. if you do not see the smiley face anywhere blog...go to the plug ins homepage...
    you see on wordpress blogs is the script that registers "hit".
    also if visitors have scripts blocked in their browsers, it won't register a hit on wordpress.

  5. liamroberts, did you know Steve Jobs is half Syrian? It's true. They are everywhere.

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