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blog stats: busiest day

  1. Somebody changed my "busiest day" stat from 784 (18th of March 2008) to 273 (17th of July 2009) today.
    Is that just a mistake or a new way of officially just recording the busiest day OF THE WEEK in blog stats now?
    Confused ... :-) ... Theo

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks, leetgamer, a quick response! I guess I will wait till support is back on Monday! Theo

  3. It's Monday ... now my "busiest day" is down to 218 ... in a few days I will be down to -1, I guess ...

  4. theo48, leetgamer: I have reset your "busiest day" counters. Sorry about this!

  5. @theo48 sorry about that, your blog should now be fixed.

  6. Dear sirs, my busiest day was on 17th July. However it apears today the 19th July (Sunday) with 1700 views. Why? I'd like you help me. Thanks. Jorge

  7. schoolfinder72

    My busiest day has switched to today too, although it isn't in reality.

  8. Mine too.

  9. Staff says it's fixed, but I'm not convinced. All I can suggest is to contact support: .

  10. well it's definitely not fixed, just contacted support about this but it seems to not effected my other blog for some reason.

  11. A mail to support resulted in a quick fix for me.

    "I'm sorry about that. We're working on some stats updates that will be complete later this month. In the meantime, I've performed an action on that page that should help. Let us know if you see a change!"

  12. my busiest day changed on 17th July too. It went from 163, down to 82, I happened to have a very busy day on 19th july, 160 odd, but that did not raise the figure of 82.

    Thanks for all you do. I love my blog! Tessa

  13. I have not got a problem with "Busiest Day" as my stats have stopped working. If i didn't have Site Meter i'd assume i wasn't getting any views, but i am. So, is there a Stat problem with WordPress or is it me? I ask this as others seem to have stats that are acting weird but are working, mine are just not working at all.

  14. You seem to have managed to correct the problem, thanks. I am back to the correct busiest day.

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