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    I’m confused. the graph says 68 visits, but when i add up the numbers under the “yesterday” section, it adds to 57. Can anyone help? Thanks much.

    – Steve



    Really simple, I was thinking of this for about 15 minutes when it hit me. You see
    1) The Referrers thing does not show the full list of referrs. Most of the Search Engines are ignored there and only mostly top referrers are shown.. So, most referrers who refer only 1 time to your blog, may not be shown.

    2) If you counted the posts max viewed, don’t forget that people also view only your main page and close after that!

    Hope this helps you!



    I actually have Search engine results showing up in my referrers. Well, at least Google.

    I’ve noticed a count difference as well. I have a feeling that it’s just from people who have your site bookmarked.




    I believe the meaning of all of these as follows. Spend about half day try to understand all of these. Not quite sure but seem to be it.

    The Chart means “Page Views”

    Referer means “Where they come from, Google or Your Site”

    Top Posts, this is quite obviouse, the post that viewer click to view.

    Let say someone just key in the URL or have bookmark the site;
    Chart will show 1 view.
    Referal shows Nothing.
    Top Post show nothing. Assuming the bookmark or url is just the name.

    When the same viewer click on one of the post on sidebar, assume the post name is Article1.
    Chart will show 2 views.
    Referral will show, Your Site 1.
    Top post will show , Article1 1.

    Somehow with this, I using “Chart view” – “Your site referral” = Unique IP.



    yeah but what does “your site” mean? if i have a brand new blog and there is only ONE post in it, any my stats show “your site” as the referrer, what does that mean? no-one even knows my site exists so they can’t type in my URL or click a link from anywhere.

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