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Blog stats dont add up !

  1. Hi,

    Though I have been blogging for sometime now and really happy with the Blog stats features provided already, I keep wondering that the incoming links stats never adds up to the total no of hits ? What would this mean...Does this mean that the search engines provide the rest of the traffic or are there other referrers which do not get listed ....??

  2. incoming links have nothing to do with your overall stats. the links come from other sites, while the blog stats show the number of times your blog is visited.

  3. AFAIK, incoming links are just links coming to you from other blogs; they have no impact on hits. The sections you want to keep an eye on are the Search Engine Terms and Referrers; those give better indications of how people are getting to your blog and how that relates to your hits.

  4. It has been my understanding that the blog stats refer not to individual visitors but to page views. But I have the same exact question. They don't add up. If the stats under Top Posts refers to the posts and the number of views each post got, why don't they add up to the total number in the graph above?

    The referals are simply, page views made by the person who came from the listed referrer, right? Not that 4 people came from that referal source with that search term. Right?

    And the search engne terms is sort of the same thing but are some of those interrelated to the page views listed under referrals above.

    I have tried adding up the numbers in various ways but don't come up with anything that "adds up". Is the graph adding in people who receive our feed?

  5. because top posts don't count the hits in your home page, which is usually the bulk of where your hits come from. yes, 4 people may not have clicked on the referral, it could be 1 person clicking it 4 times for some reason. nope, feed stats don't count in blog stats.

  6. referrals are the number of people who came to your page through that link, and it has nothing to do with how many pages they looked at once they arrived. does not track unique users.

    Remember, a lot of people will come to your blog because they type it into the URL bar or they have it in their history. That would show no referrers at all.

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