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    I have had a WordPress blog for a little over a year now, and in that time, my traffic has grown and grown. About two months ago, I was averaging about 70 hits a day. But recently, my traffic is way down–like around 30 hits a day. I know there could be several reasons for this, but since I have only continued to add posts to my blog, it seems strange. Is anyone else experiencing this? Has there been a change in the way WordPress measures traffic?



    or in the way blogs are available in searches?

    I am not always politically correct, so I wonder about this?



    Both Technorati and Google have rejiggered their search functions lately, so check yourself there. I know I’ve lost 15000 places on Technorati just since Christmas, which is extremely annoying.


    Member too.



    You could check from the stats where they were mostly coming from before, and compare it to now.


    try to get links to yours on forums and that will help build regular traffic


    My other wordpress blogs no’s are down also, and no comments for long time. Hope it picks up.



    Hi there!

    Same here, but it’s ok for me.
    Basically, I am happy if the hits stay around 50~100.

    Too much hits could also mean…more scambags’ attention. :)

    The recent hits rush breaking cellings again and again is causing me attention precisely it could mean the coming of jokers.



    Same here – fewer hits, fewer comments, no new links for about six weeks.



    I guess getting constant amount of traffic is quite a tough task. Not that you cannot accomplish that! I can say that probably you are going through a tough phase. It all depends on the browsing habits of people. Like, in my case, the other day I got just 10 hits, and the next day what I am presented is 114 hits. So, do not be disappointed. Certain days, people browse some things which they may not, the next day or for the coming days. Just carry on with your work which I suppose would be potentially of a higher and a beneficial traffic.



    It ebbs and flows….When it gets slow like this (and I believe it’s net-wide, right now; not just those who’ve commented); I use the time to do research on stories, surf for pictures, and ‘beautify’ my blog’s look.



    I find it really cycles, and I try not to let it bother me.

    In the end, I do it because I enjoy it – “build it and they will come” If I got 5 hits in a day – that would be 5 PEOPLE coming to read what I write – that would be a pretty cool idea.

    FWIW, I currently receive around 450 – 500 hits a day, and again, I’m sure those figures are nothing compared to many blogs, but I know that of those, 50% are genuine – ie they spend more than 30 seconds on the site (ie regular visitors who at least read the latest entry), up to 15% who spend over 1 hour (those delusional ones who are watching my videos, and reading a whole stack of my entries (poor people!!!)

    The real test of a blog is not the count rate, but who comes back a second (and third etc) time to read more. That’s real proof of a blog’s success. If your numbers are down for a bit – doesn’t matter – just means when your committed readers do return there is more content for them to read. Keep posting regularly, and they will realise that they need to visit more often or they’ll get behind (and so your overall hit rate will increase!)

    Keep posting – after all what are you really doing this for? Stats, or a blog full of interesting content?



    how do you know how long people are staying to read your posts?… how do you know 15% spend over an hour on your blog? … do you have a different stats system?



    how do you know how long people are staying to read your posts?… how do you know 15% spend over an hour on your blog? … do you have a different stats system?



    Actually I do – I use both the WordPress counter as my main method (after all there are pretty graphs etc that appear inside wordpress, so checking hits, sources etc is very easy).

    However, I like to get a better breakdown occasionally, including source countries, browsers, screen resolution, actual times spent on site etc, so I also have Stat Counter watching the site.

    The two are reasonably close in overall hit rates, close enough given how arbitrary the whole science is, and I can pull down these extra facts and figures when I need them. Such as knowing how long people spend on the blog I feel is a critical statistic. I don’t care to know that I get a million hits a day (I don’t, obviously!!!), I want to know if that million hits actually hang around long enough to read something, and how many of them return again (which Stat Counter also tells me). That really tells me how successful (or not) my blog is.


    It’s usually about content – if the blog content is interesting to readers and if new posts are consistently there, peoole come back. Last year by blog Disability Alert was getting 200 hits a day which has fallen to 30-50. It’s my fault – don’t post daily and my blogs are less controversial. People want to be entertained and informed.

    The second problem is Facebook – it’s the new social media platform that is taking reader time away from blogging. I cross post which helps. With 900 friends, my best posts have the potential of being read by 900+ people ( more since friends can share a post they like with their friends)


    Twitter. Blame it on twitter! :-)



    Same problem here. Wrote to support to ask them about it and they said they hadn’t noticed anything. This is really annoying me. I am wondering if it’s not because of the new layout of the dashboard, where “incoming links” is first (when I really don’t care that much about it, it rarely changes) and “what’s hot” is at the bottom, so we never (ever) see the latest posts or top posts sections.



    I meant to suggest that they move those above the stats. Let’s face it, hardly anyone scrolls down past their own stats; that would be like walking right past an open bar/chocolate buffet! Moving those above Stats would be good for the community.



    thanks stusshed… do you have to put the statcounter code at the end of every post, or can you just put it in your css style sheet?

    i use statcounter for my normal website, but hadn’t thought of using it for my blog… but it would definately be interesting to see how many people did browse and stay for a decent amount of time, and not just visit a page for a second.

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