Blog stats falling like crazy

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    Statcounter allows you to add them to your blogroll so you can see what’s going on with your blog.


    Blog visiting is down across all providers (blogger, livejournal, etc.). Not just WordPress. It ebbs and flows, folks. All my buds are saying things are slow right now. Some bloggers who I visit, that are VIP; they’re commenting is down as much as 50%. One guy usually gets, at least 50 comments per posting. He’s lucky if he gets 10, right now.


    may be the quality of your post is declining


    I haven’t noticed a change at all. Mine is still gaining ground daily. I think it might be the info you are presenting. One did mention his posts are less frequent and less controversial. Just depends on what you write and how often. That is the biggest key…and keping the community around your, and your friends blogs rolling–nothing draws traffic like word of mouth.



    i have noticed it in the last week, i was getting 150+ hits a day.. yesterday i have 0 ? how is that possible? 0 hits, even i was featured blog on the tags last nite, i know it doesn’t mean much but , I did find this weird that not one person click on a featured blog :S :S cus i myself click on alotttt alotttt of featured blogs… where’s the link button they used to have for upcoming blogs.. ?? has it vanished or why can’t i find it anywhere??



    I put statcounter into a basic text widget – seems to work well.

    Overall my stats have dropped significantly in the past few weeks – wonder if it is because I chose to turn off the “other possibly related posts” thing we were discussing recently – or is that just my conspiracy gene working overtime – subtly being punished for denying WordPress!



    Well they shouldn’t go down below what they were before if it’s just the Possibly Related Posts feature; that would just fail to add extra hits.


    I’ve added Site Meter to my page and it provides a check on WP stat counter. My experience is that everything is fine and consistent, but then my blog is only a few months old. I’m up to around 300 hits a day, and I’m pleased with that. I had to create an audience for what I was doing. I couldn’t start off with friends and family.



    Thanks Rainmaker – I was just being ‘naughty’ :D



    I twenty-fifth this thread as I’ve noticed in the last two days that my stats are down as well. It’s reassuring to know that it isn’t because of anything I’ve necessarily done or not done in terms of post frequency (which has gone up of late) or content (which has shifted ever so slightly).

    Someone else mentioned the more appropriate data, which is return visitors and with regard to this area I see no drop in stats. So, c’est la vie!

    I like the comment…<i>Build it and they will come</i>. I’m sure things will pick up again soon for everyone ;)



    Hi Stusshed!
    It’s ok to be paranoid, better to be careful than sorry. :)
    I don’t think those ‘related links’ are the problems because I ‘enjoy’ this fall of hits alongside with you guys and gals with that function on.
    Actually, people can promote their sites by helping each other posts links in hot forums to the blogs.
    But… that needs not to be individualistic. ;)




    It’s the weather. During the spring, and summer, people are outside more, on vacation, out of school, etc.


    I confess, I stole everyone’s commenters :P



    :) Funny Diamond!

    As to weather – think many of my readers are Australian – the weather isn’t exactly getting more Summery this far south!!

    And about the “Build it and they will come” – think I stole that straight from “Field of Dreams” :D



    An addition to the story:

    About 2 months ago, a senior member of this blogging community contacted me with some suggestions to improve my blog. It involved decreasing the number of posts on the front page, and inserting the more tag, because my posts are verbose and full of images, and it was apparently frustrating waiting for my site to load.

    The suggestions sounded like a good idea, so I implemented them.

    I have been evaluating my stats again tonight, and finally the trend hit me, and then I had an idea about the correlation between the stat drop and the changes to the blog.

    From literally that week until now, my weekly numbers have been dropping a steadily 5% every week. My current weekly hit rate is currently about 800 below where it was trending before the changes were made.

    Needless to say, I have immediately reversed the main change that I think affected the look and feel of the site – the use of the more tag.

    I will now see what happens over the next 2 months to see if the rot is reversed. I really hope it can recover, because the current trend is not pleasing.



    I do have one other question that searching the forums hasn’t turned up (as a recent thread anyway) – RSS feed hits – are they counted?

    I was reading something a while back that they would be displayed separately or something, but I was wondering if they are still being counted in the totals for the day?



    RSS hits are NOT counted on your main stats graph. Apparently they do show when you click on a particular post’s stats. What use that is, I’m still wondering.

    I really think that should put out more RSS stat info for us, or they risk slipping back into the Twentieth Century.



    Hi Stusshed!

    I always consider blog hits to be sometimes a nuisance. Point is, when your hits should be high, your posting or postings may be too controversial and you are inviting at times over-sensitive or even aggressive ace-holes to your peaceful hobby.

    I suppose just blog along, and when the world’s society changes to the taste of your blog, your blog will become a hit. Whether it is a blessing or condemn, you are never sure. ;) Ultimately, the world is loaded with differences, and mankind is not the best in judgement nor are mankind generally trained for that.

    For my case, the blog has fallen to just below 50hits. But it’s just blogging. I’d just blog, then the world may suddenly find some value of sensation, and the hits go up again.

    Don’t take your hobby too seriously. :)



    I’m also a bit concerned re amount of hits. I’ve had this blog 11 days and have only had 36 hits, no comments, though that doesn’t worry me at this time. Even took about a week before I got a spam on it. Its averaging out to approx 3 hits a day?



    Hi, Whatsyrproblem!

    Blogging is an (new) art. Many paintings were cheap till their painters died. But bloggers blog by right as an hobby.

    Many new arts and designs took time to be embraced, or hot, or recognised. So do blogging. Googles take sometimes almost forever to register us if we are not patient.

    So take it easy. Becos you’d soon find that hits is not the only problems, or hits is really not a problem at all when there are currently more absurd problems around for bloggers that we’d have to confront together.


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