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Blog stats falling like crazy

  1. There's a bug> try switching your blog's language to anything other than what it's set for now, then switching it back. That should bring you back into contention.

  2. Thanks, raincoaster. If I try this, is it necessary to leave it on the other language for any length of time? Thirty seconds, a minute, half a day? Or would it work to, say, switch it to Francais, and then immediately switch it back to English?

  3. Sorry guys - but I've lost track of the conversation - what is the switching language meant to fix?

    BTW, just came across one of those annoying tag things I was just mentioning. I tried Googling the term ts10l which is a machine I've been blogging about recently. I got a hit directly to my site (fine), but then this one from WordPress:

    "Ts10l — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress
    Ts10l. Sorry, we don’t have any posts here with that tag. You may want to try one of the sites below. Find other items tagged with “ts10l”:"

    When I know for an absolute fact that I have a number of posts with ts10l as a category. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with case-sensitivity either.

  4. That's exactly what Raincoaster was saying, stusshed. You're getting that annoying message because apparently there's a bug with tags. She's saying that if you go under settings and switch your language, save it. Then switch it back to your primary language and save; it'll take care of it.

  5. Ah - thanks for that - I got confused because the workaround and the problem seemed so unrelated as to not be a solution to my problem - how in the world someone worked out that switching languages was a patch fix for tags - there are more lateral thinkers out there than me obviously!!

    I'll give it a try and run that Google search again.

  6. Now I'm confused. Is the switching language, saving, then switching language again thing intended to address the Blog Stats Falling Like Crazy problem--which is what I thought--or is it intended to address something about how tags work?

  7. @ tnaron---> How tags work. That whole conversation was brought onto this thread cuz someone speculated that it had to do with falling stats. Then Raincoaster offered a solution to fix tag problem, but never said that it had to do with falling stats.

  8. DISCO!!!! Stu's Shed is back on the air - Google searches and WordPress searches are finding me again

    It bothers me A LOT that this problem has been going now for at least 2 months - that potentially has cost me thousands (literally) of visitors.

    I hope WordPress are working on that, and in the future, I will be monitoring it VERY closely to ensure I am still findable through Google etc though my tags and WordPress blog search.

  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that tag problem would affect all Googlers (to create a name for people who use Google), in which case it would seriously affect blog stats, and alone could explain my dive in numbers.

  10. Maybe stushed? But from what I've seen, very few wp tags make it into google. It's mostly URL permalinks to stories. The only tags I've ever seen are one's which are hit a lot, not every tag which someone uses on their blog. Like on my google, the only tag I ever really see is 'Gay.' But, that's certainly not the only tag I use.

  11. Plus, by the time a tag gets indexed (if they do) you're blog would no longer be at the top of the roster, if it were a common tag like 'Family' or something like that. A surfer would click on it and would see hundreds of entries that happened after yours. So, I'm not sure how that would effect hits, unless the tag were very specific, that you were the only one who used it?

  12. I've just been looking at a few terms I use on the site a lot and they do seem to be making it.

    It may take a while for it to correct after all, as I'm still getting a lot of

    Carbatec — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress
    Carbatec. Sorry, we don’t have any posts here with that tag. You may want to try one of the sites below. Find other items tagged with “carbatec”: ... - 12k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

    (to cut and paste the whole 'hit' from google)

    I wonder how long it will take the Google robots to fix it.

  13. Actually, my terms are pretty specific, and I am likely to be one of a very few using them (such as TS10L, Carbatec, Sawstop), so I would expect to be getting pretty much on the top of any serach in WordPress for these terms.

    Carbatec and Sawstop on google perhaps not - they are being used a lot out there, but I'd be in the list.

  14. See now, Carbatec is very specific :P Don't think many bloggers would use that, and if it made it to search engines, I could see where it could effect your hits. But for most, I don't think tags are an issue. I've surfed around as I'm sure you have, and most WP tags don't get into google. But there seems to be so much going on, all over the net. I'm beginning to think it's all the little things adding up to a decrease in hits. Google and technorati reconfiguring. People Twittering more, etc. It all takes its' toll, and would explain why it's down across all platforms. Not just WordPress. SIGH!

  15. It will be interesting to monitor (across all blogs) how the trends develop.

    I will be watching closely my own blogs trends of course, and hope at least these fixes will stem the rot a little until the overall blog environment shows improvement again. I was back over 550 in the last 24 hours, so that's my valium shot for the day. Just need that each day to keep me calm.....

  16. Has anyone check what Google api? I think something is wrong with mine... detected when I tried Copyscape.

    Maybe yours got messed up as well. Maybe that's why...

    I am not sure, I am an IT idiot anyway.


  17. well my blog stats have returned to about normal over this week. Anyone else , whos had a drop off... have they come back up for them?

  18. Yes, mine went way up, but that was because of one post. It'll be pretty dead this weekend, since it's a holiday in the US.

  19. No. :(

  20. I'm not getting any of this. I've created several blogs. How do you get the traffic in the first place? Please someone let me know.

    WordPress blog
    My website

    Thanks in advance.

  21. Try doing a search for promotion-related keywords here; there are dozens of threads, both here and in the Off Topic forum on the subject.

  22. I'm having this problem with one of the blogs I write in too. I tried following the advice given (changing the language and then changing it back) but nothing's happened :( The posts are still not showing up under the tags or saying that no posts exist under a specific tag. So do we just have to wait for the bug to go away? :S

  23. No, it usually works instantly. What is the URL of the blog, please, starting with http? And have you looked at the other threads on not showing in tag pages; there are several possible causes.

    The referrers are no longer any of the tag surfers and there are usually over 100 for our tags so we figured that was the main problem.

  25. Over 100? That's amazing; you must be getting massive hits. Frankly, I hardly see ANY traffic from the tag pages.

    Looking at the blog, that's VERY unusual: all of your tags and categories are local. Literally the only way I know for that to happen is for a blog to be set as private, but obviously yours is not.

    You will definitely need to contact staff and get them to look at it. Something is up with that. The good news is, when they fix it your hits will probably come back.

  26. Yeah it's kinda upsetting because we have lost thousands of views since none of the tags are working. Uh oh, it sounds like a serious problem now :S

    Okay, thank you for that! Let's hope it'll work!

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