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    I am really hoping someone can shed a light on a worrying stats issue I have.

    For the last 7 days my page views have been dropping consistently by 200 – 250 per day, each day.

    I had been getting between 850 – 1100 page views per day for the last few months and since last week the page views have rapidly dropped down to less than 200 today and counting.

    I am really worried and I would love to hear from anyone as to why this could be happening.

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes its happening to me too. Google must have done something because most of my referrers are coming from tags now and the usual search terms I see arent showing up. and Im not getting any more spam no either It just dropped off all of a sudden about a week ago.

    But Im not too worried I still post my stuff and hopefullly it will improve soon



    Looking at your long-term trend, you have nothing to worry about:

    You must have had a very popular post recently:



    Wow thanks Husdal thats very interesting, ty for the link. its surprising to see the global numbers. Yes one of my posts gets visits every day, I think it was one day last month the numbers went really high for some reason. Im always surprised theres more than me reading my blog. Whistys traffic is awesome.

    Thanks Husdal I appreciate the help!



    Hi Husdal, thanks for the link.
    I know on average my stats are ok but my page hits have been 850-1000 a day for months, until last week.
    I just wanted to know what it is that I may have done that has caused this reduction in my page hits by such a big amount.



    Also try and keep in mind that we are approaching on a major holiday so a lot of people aren’t online as much. Just a thought.



    whisty, I notice your name doesn’t link to your blog; did it used to? If it did, and you haven’t changed anything, it’s possible you’ve been set as a Mature blog. Staff doesn’t notify people when they do this. Contact them and ask if that is a possibility:



    @whisty, click the Weeks or Months tab of your blog stats.

    There is a decline from your most recent peak, but in the long term you’re still ahead of where you were a few months ago. What you’re seeing is not a decline but a return to normal after an unusual increase in traffic.



    Hi all, I really appreciate all your responses. Thanks so much.

    bats0711, I guess you mean Thanksgiving? It does make perfect sense but only about 1000 readers per month are from the US so I’m not sure that this would affect it so much.

    Raincoaster, when I saw your post I was fully sure that this MUST be the reason but I checked with support and they advised that my blog isn’t marked as mature. (any other thoughts on why my name doesn’t link?)

    tellyworth, thanks for having a look at the stats. Is it the case that a steady increase in hits over 4.5 months is an unusual increase? I’m still concerned as it seems so much less than ‘normal’, I haven’t had such ongoing, low daily page views (on a week day) since June.

    Looking at the figures in my search engine terms, these have dropped dramatically so it seems that the page views have dropped in correlation with that. Is there anything that I have done that may have caused this? Dare I mention I have read about google penalties and PR reduction? Could that be anything to do with it or is this all just blogger scare mongering???

    Thanks again all.



    I’ve noticed traffic to my blog falling off over the last few weeks, while at the same time, the number of those reading my blog has grown. Hah?

    I decided to investigate. As far as I can tell, an influx of new readers (and a few old) are availing themselves of this humble weblog by way of Google Reader, which, if you don’t click through to the original blog article, (and why would you?) the “visit” does not tabulate as a “hit” on your sitemeter or whatever service you are using to measure traffic.

    There’s more! I use three different counters to monitor traffic. They’ve always been within a few points of one another. For example, there was a day early this year when I had 1801 visitors, 1800 visitors and 1799 visitors. But when I checked all 3 statmeters in the wee hours of Monday morning, I discovered 101 visitors, 151 visitors and 211 visitors. WTF? It seems some of the meters aren’t counting certain visits that take place via mobile telephones, while others “can’t see” those Google reader visits. I verified this earlier today by making visits at specific times using Google Reader. There was absolutely no indication that a visit was made to my blog, at least none my counters could track.

    Besides that, there are other aggregators and feedreaders through which netizens can access my blog content which again do not “register” with the counter services.

    I don’t know if this is a problem or not – it certainly goes a long way to explain what several bloggers have been scratching their heads about – steep drops in traffic for no apparent reason!



    We can’t give you ANY insight without a link to the blog, starting with http. We’d just be pulling it out of our butts.



    While I have a most interesting sight…
    The new Free Counter set at the same level initially with WordPress’ stats counter now registers a hits count of much lesser than WordPress’ counter…

    Weird. Because by right, the Free Counter should be shooting ahead in compounded hits as compared to WordPress’ stats’ counter.

    It was weird as well with IP2Map when almost 80% of the IPs visiting the site vanished overnight for the same date.

    My conclusion is pretty simple: Hits can’t be trusted.

    There might be millions watching your sites, but the stats may be reflecting only a few. I heard from some mainland technical boys when I was in China, that stats can be manually manipulated in the background by any parties.

    When you find anything unnatural, just take it easy. ^.^



    Made a mistake. The Free counter does shoot ahead. It’s now at least 40 hits ahead WordPress’ counter.

    In any case, my suggestion is to place as many stats machines for a meaningful monitoring, that in case one counter got broken you can refer to the others.



    We’ve gone over and over and OVER this, scope. I’m not going to repeat myself yet again.

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