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  1. Because of the time change associated with the wordpress servers, my "day" ends at 5PM then starts a new track log. I was curious if a previous stats day(s) could be implented; so when I get home from work I can see the day.

    And my blog posts are posted at the right time zone so, it's not an option I could find.

  2. What specificially are you not seeing? I know when I look at the Blog stats, I see listings for the previous days. Not sure what you're not seeing.

    The stats system is run seperately which is why the time zone setting doesn't affect it.

  3. This specific area, Mike:

    Blog Stats

    Total Views: 6,753
    Best Day Ever: 162
    Views today: 9

    The "views today" resets at 5PM my time. So when I get home at 6PM from work, I have no idea how many I received (unless I want to write down my totals everyday, then subtract.)

  4. You don't have the graph at the top of the stats page that displays your month's worth of hits?

  5. Agreed. If you hover with your mouse over the graph, you'll see the count numbers for the previous 30 days.

  6. Jesus. I've had this blog for 10 months and never hovered the graph. lol.

    Thanks guys.

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