Blog Stats HTML structure is a bit broken

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    I guess it’s just a minor thing but the HTML structure for blog stats page appears to be broken, causing the footer of the page not to be displayed properly.

    From what I can tell it seems that the #footer div is nested inside the .wrap div instead of being located at the same level.

    Here’s a Blog Stats printscreen to get a better idea of what I’m talkin about.


    Hmm. Everything looks ok in that screen cap.



    I see what you mean. Yet in Firefox it’s fine.


    It’s been fixed now as far as I can tell. I had submited this bug as feedback too so they prolly fixed it right away.



    Seeing websites in different browsers can be a pain sometimes. I have a pc at home that has about a dozen browsers loaded into it. Trying to get sites to work in all of them never really works. Especially with CSS since they all read CSS differently.


    This had nothing to do with browsers, it was the same in both Firefox & IE… just a small glitch in the code for that page; quite easy to spot using a DOM inspector.

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