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Blog Stats incorrect?

  1. Is it still the case that the blog stats tracking is messed up in regards to properly discounting the blogger's own page hits? I'm still noticing that on days when I work on my blog, my page hits seem to go up noticeably. It could be a coincidence...but I'm starting to feel like it's not.


  2. If you're logged in it doesn't count your stats. Maybe you get more hits because your blog is getting updated?

  3. It's certainly possible. I guess I was just looking for confirmation that what was a problem two weeks ago--there was apparently a bug where your own hits -were- counted for a couple of days--has been fixed.

  4. I think I may have uncovered two cases where blog hits are reported incorrectly:

    1) If I'm editing my CSS and I preview my blog and visit a particular seems that may be counted.

    2) If I edit a comment on a particular posting, each time I edit it, it counts as another blog hit.

    In both cases it's very hard to tell definitively whether this is the case, because it seems as if the blog stats don't get updated in real time, but rather, every ten minutes or so. I can say that I did both of these activities many times, and within ten minutes my hits had gone up dramatically.

    Can anyone state whether either of these situations will cause false blog hits?


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