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Blog stats irregularity.

  1. I have this weird thing going on where my stats total hits for the day are over my country/flag hits!
    Did someone click on my blog from outerspace? If so, kool, I'm flattered though a little bewildered.
    Blog url:

  2. Stats are not real time. They are cached and take time to rectify.

  3. Hey mate Ok sure but since this morning? Three our four re-logs and all that?

  4. Hits today = 9 Countries hit register 7 Canada and 1 Greece plus this is a first in 26 days here!

  5. I assume your issue is now resolved. We aren't allowed to post aren't discussion threads.

    If you do require more technical support please post again.

  6. No and I'm not sure that I understand but I'll try to find itb and come back later if not.
    Thnx anyway, Tay.

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