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Blog stats messed up

  1. My total visits count has gone from over 80,000 to now saying 600 some odd...

    Hope it's just a temporary aberration?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I checked your stats and I saw that the "views all-time" number was off and I fixed that in your account. Can you check it again?

  3. Yep, that fixed it... Thanks so much!


  4. Happy to help. Cheers. :)

  5. Congratulations on holding it together long enough to post coherently and politely. I'd have fainted and then gone very, very sweary.

  6. I was a bit shocked to see it at first, but happily it's been resolved...


  7. Mine has the same thing this morning, down from near 70,000 to 1700!

  8. I have the same problem for my site Status only show back to 5/19.

    Could my account have the same problem?

  9. @albedoarlee, yours should be fixed. Also, posted a note for the data guys to keep an eye on this. Seems fishy.

    @rbazinet, your issue is different. Could you please start a new support request for your issue at and include details like how far back you expected to see compared to what you're seeing now and if your server setup or domain has changed recently. Thanks!

  10. @designsimply - thank you. I submitted a support request last night after you replied. I have had this domain in WP for probably 1 1/2 years and until recently the stats were fine.

    The server setup has not changed other than moving to WP MU configuration a couple months ago, but the stats were fine after that too. I am hosted on WPEngine, if that matters.

    Is there any hope or did mess up my stats for good?

  11. mine is thank you

  12. My "Incoming Links" on my stats page now shows none, whereas before there used to be a lot... I don't know if this is related to the other glitch...

    Maybe there's some kind of time limited thing involved for incoming links?. Anybody know?


  13. @fencer: Incoming links is a different issue, but staff said they're working on it.

  14. @fencer
    In the meanwhile there is data available to you.
    Your blog is indexed by Google (340 results).
    Your blog is indexed by Bing (8 results).

    Have you tried using Google search?
    The results display all the sites linking to your site. Note that you can also track the total number at the top to see if links are increasing or decreasing.
    You can also use Yahoo Site Explorer >
    I prefer to use Open Site Explorer >

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