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    I have a private blog on wordpress that I created a month ago and is active with about 3 new posts and 6 comments a day.

    When I look at blog stats, it only shows one visit on Sep 16, and everything else is on zero. No visits or anything else is showing. The site is hosted at wordpress and I use another domain name which directs traffic to the wordpress domain: [blogname]

    Sorry, I prefer not to give the addresses on the public forum as it is private, work-related so has confidential content.

    I saw there is a stats plugin for self-hosted blogs, but this one is not self-hosted.

    Thanks for any advice!



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

    This support forum is for blogs hosted at If your question is about a self-hosted WordPress blog then you’ll find help at the forums.

    If you don’t understand the difference between and, you may find this information helpful.

    If you forgot to include a link to your blog, you can reply and include it below. It’ll help people to answer your question.

    This is an automated message.



    my blog is on



    Without a link to it, we cannot confirm that. As long as the blog is properly set to Private under your Privacy Settings, we won’t be able to see it. But we DO need the URL. We can’t answer without confirming it. Seems boring, I know, but you’d be surprised; fully a third of people are in the wrong forum.



    As I said, it is a blog I created for work (to share info with a small working group), for a major international company, and I don’t want to publish the url here and risk having people try to hack it :-)

    It is definitely and not (I checked the difference between them.) It is hosted at

    The url is [name]

    I don’t mind giving the url to wordpress support staff, just don’t want to write it here!



    In that case, you should contact the staff.

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