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Blog Stats Not Updating

  1. Since about mid-morning, my stats have not increased. I did a test post on another computer under hubby's name. The post shows, but still the stats did not increase.

    Anyone have an answer? Thank you.

  2. Same for me. Since about 2 hrs they are stuck at 552 views.

  3. Same here 53 views since hours and sitemeter shows ~ 100 views.

  4. (1) The stats on my blog and on my sitemeter have been at odds for several days now. Perhaps the "server maintenance" and load balancing going on is connected to this issue, perhaps not.
    (2) We are not able to delete posts during server maintenance and repeatedly attempting to do so only creates multiple copies. This is causing some angst as well.
    (3) The autosave feature has been "over active" and that has likewise been an annoyance.

  5. Same here. Since about 2 hours stuck at 1125.

  6. What's going on? Did you guys brought some staff from Blogger?

    Just kidding !


  7. Same here, stuck at a modest 43

  8. Just got response from my Feedback: they are working on it, and the stats are save and will be recovered.

  9. Same here, stuck at 1,074. Does anyone know what's happening?

  10. Same here, stuck at 1,074. Does anyone know what's happening?

  11. Yup. I'm stuck, and I'm supposed to be turning over to 30,000 today! I posted on how I'm going to be turning over to 30,000 today! And yet, since mid morning, I am stuck at 29,934. Pretttttty embarassing! :-)

  12. @blahblahblog
    Thats what I'm calling bad luck.:P

  13. Caramba !!! Hoje com certeza chegaria a 5 mil hits e não atualiza já faz pelos menos seis horas.Que aconteceu !!!

  14. The staff are aware of the issue and are working on it. Hang in there! :)

  15. TT,

    Thanks for keeping us updated. I was just about to leave a "Me,too!" comment. :)

  16. There's already a large number of threads on this. A quick search on blog stat will show them to you.

    Hope this helps,

  17. This is not updating on my part as I have no "special" information. It just stands to reason that the staff have been scanning forum threads and drowning in feedbacks all day that they are on to the problems and trying to address them.

  18. i hope they fix it. i've been obsessed with my stats since my blog is under 2 months old and the traffic has been increasing regularly. I can't be at just 249 today! I should be at least at 500 by now.

  19. Not to worry as you have a sitemeter on your blog in your sidebar. I clicked on it and it's working fine.

  20. thanks so much! thank goodness i have that at least...

  21. I wish I did (I know, I know!). My stats haven't moved since about 11pm last night. With the server outages I have no way of knowing how many legitimate hits I missed and how many I'd be down as a result of the outages. Very annoying, hope it gets fixed soon.

  22. @rain
    Say what? You don't have a sitemeter for insurance and comparison purposes. Nah ... say it isn't true.

  23. I'm just going to take my best day of last week and assume it was that good today. So there. I'll get sitemeter eventually.

    Now, to see if I can post...not posting definitely isn't good for hits.

  24. i'm not that impressed with site meter. wordpress usually reports higher. is that the case for anyone else?

  25. It's the case for me, Styleit.

  26. It's the case for me, Styleit.

    Hmmm -- "delete" not offered. Sorry.

  27. Knowledge of a variety of ways of looking at numbers is a good thing for a blogger to develop. There are different objects, means and ways of counting and accounting for readership activity, as well as, administrative activity. I like the fact that all of the wordpress statistics and the sitemeter reports that I have before me have been collected and presented free of charge for me to fret over, or *not*.

  28. WordPress reported 586 hits for me yesterday. Without being egotistical, I can say for a fact that this is vastly underreporting the true number. It is always good to have a backup, as I am learning at my cost.

  29. renegadekosher

    I've been having a similar problem, myself...

  30. still waiting for the stats being restored. it would be really sad if they were lost...

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