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Blog Stats Not Updating

  1. Sorry folks, six hours of stats data remains unrecoverable.

  2. ouch! that sucks!!!!

  3. My site is now working perfectly. Thank you so much for all your help. I love WordPress.:)

    Shirley Buxton

  4. Many thanks for the fixes. Since I'm keeping my little spreadsheet to compute 7-day averages, I just removed yesterday from the on-going calculations... And a few months from now, who will care?

  5. faith2hope2love

    It would appear that I am having the same problem today that I had yesterday when the six hours of stats went missing. WordPress is showing about 50 less page views now than my other stat counters (and I rely of wordpress mainly for its ease of use). Is anyone else still having an issue today?

  6. faith2hope2love: no, my stats seems normal today.

  7. Mine are down about 40%, although that could well be because it's Friday. Some weirdness is going on though; I've had 17 clickthroughs from a site that I normally get 4 a month from, etc. Hard to say at this point if it's a WordPress thing or a weird Friday thing.

  8. My stats are down again today. I go from 518 to 251. Riiiiiiiiight.

  9. I thought something strange was going on. Glad that I happened to run across this thread. For the past 2-3 days, my WP stats have dropped to about/at least one-half of the usual number of visitors. Not happy about this situation!

  10. It's the weekend guys. Stats tend to dip.

  11. Not by 50%. By 20-30% sure, but not by half. This does seem odd.

    As alien as it is to me, I'm going to let the stats go and not worry about them this weekend. Believe me, this does NOT come naturally to moi. I'm just going to assume they're messed up. Once Monday comes I'll install an alternate stat program and start tracking again, but for now I'm just going to assume WordPress is having blips, as they're working on backend issues.

  12. i hope they can get this fixed quickly. i'm trying to gain creditials to attend an event in february, and increasing stats would help.

  13. styleit, you could install SiteMeter. But because we can't have javascript, it won't show referrals. But it will say unique hits a day and pageviews a day.

  14. i have a site meter, but wordpress always reports much higher activity.

  15. Hi, stats frozen again since 3 hours

  16. I would suggest feedback. posting here don't tell staff right away that there's an issue while feedback does.

  17. Not updating now... not to necroing dead thread.

    Right when I am about to analyse my stats related to my income. Geeze.. :(

  18. @dothebest1: Is the blog linked to your username the blog you're talking about? If it is then I think you're in the wrong forum; that looks like a blog using software and it's different to our blogs on If you go over to they should be able to help you.

  19. But the thing is, it works before.

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