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  1. Help!
    When we get free register blog on wordpress they provide us all the plugin to us.

    the problem:
    now i blog on the webhostting wit my own domain. n i couldn't found tht "Blog stats" under the presentation-Widget. the blog stats normally on Right side on the first page.

    can some one help me where i can get this widget...

  2. I believe that's currently a only widget.

  3. yup i know it only widget but where i can download it... i go to wordpress widget i found all is diff. not wht i need , cause now i hosting using web hosting....

  4. By " only", I mean it's not available for download. It's only available to teh blogs here at

  5. The stats plugin just keeps the stats on your blog. As drmike suggests, there is no interface that will show the stats in your sidebar like the blogs. Maybe something that is worked on, but could only be released by the staff of Automattic (Andy I would assume) if it is ever created. I would imagine that they don't want every blog out there using the stats to have a hit to their server for every page load on every blog.


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