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Blog Stats Question

  1. I added the Stats Widget on my blog. I am wondering... if this blog counts all hits to the site or only unique hits to the site?

    Also... are there any better stat widgets out there?


  2. willworkforbeer

    Other widgets are you're choice. The stat counts every page view, so if they look at your blog, then two pages or pests, you will get 3 views.

  3. Why would they want to look at "pests"?

  4. instead of "posts"?

  5. Shouldn't you be blogging, rather than making fun of other people? That's my job.

  6. Thanks for the replies. Now... are there any free advanced stats widget counters? Which tell you more stuff... like unique viewers and other stuff?

  7. Lots, but few that work here. You can try Sitemeter and Statcounter and Whosamongus, but you must be sure to use the HTML versions of the first two, which do not give you information that's as full as the javascript versions. The third just tells you what the people on your blog are reading right this minute.

  8. Ahh. Then I will try out Sitemeter and Statcounter! Thanks a lot for the help!

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