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    I don’t know if this has been asked before, or if it seems really stupid to you, but I just thought I’d ask, how would the wordpress blog stats count a visit from someone who somehow discovered my blog URL?? What I mean is, if someone miraculously typed in my blog URL and never opened any posts, how will I be notified of that? I believe WordPress blog stats only counts the number of visitors to specific posts.

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    They count all visitors to your blog. Not just the posts.
    And if their stat counter is not working, they will grab it from Google Anylistics.
    Any visitor to your site, will be counted as 1 view (Except you since you own the site.)


    It actually counts page views which includes all views no matter how they get to your site. If one visitor comes to your blog and visits five pages or posts, then your blog stats increase by five.


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