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    Just wondering if anyone is having the same problem.. My blog stats is counting every single one of my own page views.. anyone know how to fix this?




    Solution – Don’t look at your own pages.

    It’s counting page views. Yours. Mine. Everybodies.




    Hmmmm … it was written that ‘we don’t count your own visits to your blog.’

    And this hasn’t happened to me before (i.e my own page views were not recorded previously).

    I don’t geddit.

    Thanks anyway.



    Probably related to the fact that when you hit on the “View Site” from the Dashboard, you are no longer logged in. That used to not be the case. I still haven’t been able to get logged in when viewing the site.



    Somehow, I’d expect a bit more detail and courtesy from a Moderator.. I guess you guys are under a strain because of the way *someone* messed up the server, and how it’s taking forever to figure a way to fix it, but a smartass answer to a new guy is uncalled for IMO…



    Yeah.. i think not being logged in when I hit the ‘View Site’ button is the cause of the problem.. this wasn’t the case last time.. prolly came up cuz of the server probems.

    I’ve already submitted a feedback..hope it gets sorted out. What’s going on at anyway?



    I have no idea what’s going on but this is one thing that is bugging the daylights out of me. The fact that “view site” selected from the dashboard doesn’t log in in mystifying to me. I’m using the Regulus theme and had to turn on the Meta stuff because the admin section no longer appears. And when I do log in, it just takes me to the dashboard. Gone is my ability to edit the posts from the main screen, which is a real PITA for me. And, of course, it screws up the stats.

    Is this the way the site is going to work from now on?

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