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    I’m wondering if the blog stats that WordPress reports includes visitors from the same IP address or not?

    I understand that WordPress does not include my own visits in the total number on the stats page. But will it include co-worker visits who are using the same static IP address?

    The blog I need help with is



    I think all the hits are from unique IPs.
    Not entirely sure though.

    – Lora


    I don’t fully understand what the stats are telling me. It says it doesn’t record my own visits…the hits are increasing (slowly as I’m a new blog) and yet it says mostly there are no referrers and no search terms. SO where are the hits coming from. I have 56 hits but only about 3 search terms listed and 1 or 2 referring sites. I’m mystified?



    Visits are not unique IPs. If I visited a page on your blog, and click on another post, it will show as two visits.
    It does not record your own visits in that if you are logged in to wordpress, it will not count your visit.
    The hits may have come from the same people who visited multiple pages on your blog.

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