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    I apologise if this is properly documented somewhere, but I cant seem to find a satisfactory explanation for this.

    Today I’ve had 31 views of my blog, yet only 1 referrer with 1 view. I understand that it’s possible 30 different people have typed in the url or had previously bookmarked my blog, but that is highly unlikely. Yesterday was the first time I’ve had more than 3 views so I very much doubt many have my blog bookmarked and I havent actually told any friends or family about it, so Im a little perplexed how I can suddenly have 31 views, and yet only 1 referrer.

    Am I missing something blindingly obvious here?



    Yes, there is a problem with the stats. There is a large pink sticky at the top of the forum discussing this.



    Other referers can enter to your site just memorizing the address, and that not appears on the stats

    Well I think



    Bookmarks within your browser as well.

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