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    Does anyone know whether a referrer that comes up in the list of Search Engine Terms in the blog stats is someone who did come and view a page or more on the blog? Or does it just mean that when someone searched on a term, my blog appeared somewhere in the list of resulting possible hits?

    e..g someone googles ‘lunch’ and my blog appears in the results down at 1 million-odd – do I still get a search engine term reference in my blog stats even if the searcher never clicks on that particular result?


    Member can’t know of search results unless people click on them and visit.


    i have sort of a related question.

    if i have a hyperlinked word that says HERE and it links to then who is the winner when people do a google search? i mean, say both words make it to the first search page, then how will that happen? if people search for HERE more or for EXAMPLE more?



    hay is eny one here?

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