Blog Stats Showing Tomorrow’s Date with Zero Hits

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    Blog Stats Showing Tomorrow’s Date with Zero Hits for Today’s Hits
    The Stats that are shown for Yesterday have Today’s Date

    The blog I need help with is



    1. Please provide a link to your wordpress.COM blog when asking questions or link your user name to your blog as explained in the sticky, 8 Things, at the top of the forums.

    2. If you are hosted here, please search the forums on this issue. The stats roll over each day at 00:00 GMT


    WordPress itself (including blogstats) run on GMT/UTC so they switched over about 38 minutes ago which would account for the fact that blog stats for “tomorrow” are showing few or no hits.




    My Blog had over 1500 hits when I last checked it day before yesterday. However, last night when I had a look, it was way down to 850-odd! I thought there may be a temporary problem and checked again today and see the same problem.

    This is really distressing. My blog URL is:




    There is an ongoing issue with stats, please have a look here:

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