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    My blog stats seem to be missing numbers. I’m using and then posting links on twitter. The stats show much higher numbers than the stats on my blog reflect. Someone suggested that maybe the numbers are wrong, but I think they are correct as I have received comments on twitter from people that have obviously read my blog article, yet the blog stats don’t reflect that.

    Is there something globally wrong with blog stats? Or is it just me somehow?

    Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is



    My blog stats work really well I’m quite impressed. They are a little low for my liking too!

    The good people here may ask you to provide the URL of the blog you are referring to


    Thanks for your interest in my problem, classicaus! You’ll notice that my username is a link to my blog. If your still unclear, it is

    While I would certainly like more readers of my blog… this particular problem, tho, is that the stats are not reflecting the actual number of readers that I do actually have (not just those that I am wishing for).







    I’m having the same problem with my new blog. I know there have been visitors, but none have been shown on the stats graph.

    Lou Rovner



    I have noticed the same thing with my blog stats compared to those logged by



    Found the same problem when I used for the first time the other day. What registered for click thrus was more than what actually showed up on my stats.

    #401426 counts bots, worms, spiders, can openers, hair brushes, sunspots, empty plastic bottles, pocket lint, and anything else that accesses your site in addition to actual human visitors, so it will always be higher.

    You cannot compare stats with wordpress stats. WordPress only counts real visitors.

    I average 150 hits per day (real visitors), and if I count all the fodder does, I would average 290.



    The stats on my blog, , also took a dive, too. At least half the usual number. I, too, thought this was odd, but I see others are having it as well.

    If WordPress stat counter is working properly, then my theory is it could be due to all the traffic and happenings over on social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

    Anyway, I was wondering if WordPress support could determine if the dropped stats are due to a glitch or a trend? Thank you.



    I have been having this same problem, today and yesterday. I also use Site Meter and StatCounter, and although these agree on how many hits and views I’ve been getting, the WordPress stats are clearly ‘ignoring’ quite a few visitors.

    Since I haven’t changed anything I’ve been doing for several months, I am sure this is a new glitch – it would be great if someone could investigate this and fix it, as the WordPress stats are the ones I really care about, using the other two systems just as backup.


    Statcounter, sitemeter, google analytics, hitbox, activemeter, wordpress stats and all the others will never agree. Each one of them decides how and what they will count as a hit.

    In my experimentation with all of them what I found was that there was absolutely no consistency from one to the other most of the time. One day sitemeter would say there were 100 hits more than statcounter, and activemeter would show 100 less than sitemeter. A few days later they would again play musical chairs. The largest discrepancy I saw was over 200 hits (when the blog I was using for testing was getting only 450 hits per day). I also had a 3 day period where one of them showed hits in the teens (12-19) – not wordpress stats – while the others were still showing up around 400-450.

    At the end of a three month testing period on that blog, there was a 26% discrepancy between the lowest and highest totals.

    Here’s the bottom line: Use any of them only as a general guide to hits. Anything that is not running on the servers your blog is on is going to be suseptible to wild fluctuations since all your hit have to be transferred over the internet to different servers, and there are literally thousands of things that can go wrong between the server your blog is on and the server at the stats place. Next throw in the possibility that the software or hardware at the stats place is screwed up and not recording, or counting things properly.



    Thanks for your insight, thesacredpath. What you’ve written makes an enormous amount of sense and shows this experience isn’t atypical.

    For what it’s worth, though, something odd has clearly happened with my WordPress stats over the past couple of days (18 hours, to be exact) as, although I’ve been using the three counting methods together for months, this is the first time when I’ve really seen, consistently, specific individual visitors turning up and viewing several posts, recorded by the other stats counters, but totally missing from the WordPress stats. (Not that it matters all that much, really – just like to see what interests people and what bores them rigid!)


    There could always be something going on with stats here. That is always a possibility.

    The other thing to remember is that the small stats smiley face (Angela) has to load for a page to be counted by the stats here. If someone clicks on a link to a post on your blog from a search engine or somewhere, and for whatever reason they click away before the stats smiley loads, that is not counted as a pageview. This can happen if the leave too quickly, or perhaps the page loads slowly for whatever reason. This is another reason to keep the number of posts on the main page set to a lower number (5 or so), and this is especially true if you use a lot of images.



    Good morning from SwittersB & Flyfishing; My problem with stats is the graph shows last update was 9/20..I have deleted history and refreshed with Ctrl/F5 as instructed several times…yet stats stay stuck on 9/20. My overall total seems to go up but I am not certain… Is there another cleaning-boosting technique I am missing to refresh the system and screen???



    I don’t know what’s been happening to my blog at either. I’ve had at least 700 hits for the last 12 days and as high as 1000 but all of a sudden it dropped to the around 400 yesterday and today it’s been worse, falling to around 170. Is this considered normal? I’ve never had a drop off like that before.



    ditto. really really low hits for the past week….and my site takes forever to load. something is up. nice to know others are having the same issue.



    Ditto on my site. 4,000 views 2 days ago down to barely over 1,000 today. Was averaging over 4,000 every day prior to this weekend.



    Hey, my blog gets 12,000 hits per day, mainly because its awesome, but if you take one look at my blog and attempt to recreate it to just 1/10th of its greatness than your blog hits should def. increase.

    Also I have sections in there explaining how to generate blog hits and increase visibility on search engines.



    Hey, my blog gets 12,000 hits per day, mainly because its awesome, but if you take one look at my blog and attempt to recreate it to just 1/10th of its greatness than your blog hits should def. increase.

    Also I have sections in there explaining how to generate blog hits and increase visibility on search engines.



    come on walores. uve been using the same words to promote your blog across the forum. dont be such a spammer.



    Especially such an inept one.

    If you are genuinely experiencing weird stats issues, contact staff from your Support page and give them full details.

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