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Blog stats -- Top Viewed shows a post I never made?

  1. On my blog stats page it says one of my top viewed posts today is a post called 21. I never wrote a post called 21. I'm the only user/admin person on my blog. If I click on the title of it, my blog shows up, like normal. Is this simply an error in the stats? Help?!

  2. Please post a link to "21".

  3. That's the thing. "21" seems to be a linked to my blog? It's not a post?

    I click: dashboard, blog stats. then on right side of page it shows Top Posts Today. Title. under that is a list. The first one on list is 21. It's underlined. I click on it, and it takes me to my own page. The link is

    How can that be?

    It says it got 4 views.

  4. "21" is a post that you wrote and then deleted. It had the ID number of 21. Since you deleted it, wordpress no longer has the title of the post but yet has to do something with those views so it displays them as the old ID.

  5. Thank you. That's a relief.

  6. Not a problem. :)

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