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    Are feed stats in addition to blog stats?

    If you have 100 hits on the Blog Stats and 50 hits on feed stats, is that 150 total, or 100 hits, half from feeds?



    Doubt it as my feed stats are higher than my blog stats. Also they do monitor two different things. (Blog stats are those viewing your blog and posts within it and Feed stats are those using an RSS reader and just pulling your RSS feed.)

    150 total.

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    Why do the feed stats fluctuate each day? Especially if you are a regular poster.

    Some days as high as 19 others none.




    Feed stats fluctuate because the number of people reading your blog via an RSS reader fluctuates. It has nothing to do with how often you post.



    Blog stats and Feed stats are mutually exclusive. Hits on one are not included in the other.

    Feed stats are subject to violent fluctuation because we do not carry yesterday’s readership forward. If a web-based aggregator visited yesterday but not today, the entire readership of your feed on that service will be uncounted. We are considering several possible ways of smoothing out this effect.


    Say a bunch of Bloglines readers are subscribed to your blog. Does all of that readership count as one feed hit?



    We do have a way to track multiple subscribers via services like Bloglines. The number does not always match what you see on the web interface but it’s usually pretty reliable.


    Cool. My brain is racing trying to figure out how this feed tracking mechanism is working behind the scenes.

    Out of curiousity — what’s with the colors on the pie chart? Are they random?



    They are a kind of series generated from a fairly random seed. I don’t remember the formula. It was a lot of trial and error. The idea was to produce contrast that anyone with colorblindness could see with at most one or two reloads.

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