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Blog Stats Wacko!

  1. First it was Akismet, now it's the Blog Stats.

    I don't know whether anyone else has noticed this or not, but the Blog Stats being reported for my site today couldn't possibly have any relationship with reality. Why? Because at least one of the Posts that was shown to have 4 Views earlier in the day now isn't even registering in the list of Top Posts, while others with fewer views are. Moreover, one of the phrases that had been included in the list of Search Engine Terms earlier today is now suddenly missing in action.

    I can only hope that after four months of enduring a completely broken comment system due to the defective Akismet comment- eating monster, we are not going to now be plagued by days on end of hopelessly inaccurate and unreliable Blog Stats. I'm beginning to wonder: Does WordPress actually HAVE a tech support staff?

  2. Yes: have you contacted them on this issue?

  3. Not yet, because I only discovered this problem today and Support is now closed, but I will contact them tomorrow. Based on their complete lack of response to the 4-month-old Akismet problem, however, I can't say that I have a lot of faith at this point in WordPress' Support Dept.

  4. Inside the Top Posts widget we find this:
    Posts to show:-----
    Top Posts are calculated from 24-48 hours of stats. They take a while to change.

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