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Blog stats: were there, now gone...???

  1. I refreshed my stats page this morning and it showed me I'd had some visits - two pages had had two visits and one had had one, or there abouts. It showed two people had referred from one particular site. I looked a little later and it showed I'd had none. I refreshed the page - no change. So I closed the tab and opened another one - problem solved.

    I just reopened my browser (Google Chrome) and the stats page again showed '0' for today. I refreshed - no joy. I closed the tab - no joy.

    Any ideas?


  2. my stats keep going up and down today - there must be a glitch....

  3. They're alright now. Perhaps they have been fixed... Lets' see.

  4. mine are still going and coming

  5. tryingtobegreener

    Mine haven't changed in hours and I know I've had visitors. Anyone else?

  6. happyhomemaker88

    Mine registered correctly at 493 earlier today and then it got stuck at 266. Just now, I checked my blog stats again and it read 799. An hour later, it went back to 266. Now, it's stuck at the same count - 266 again.

    Hope to find some answers to this...


  7. Mine have gone backward. Will the lost count be recovered?

  8. The stats are all wonky today. Must be ghosties. ;)

  9. My stats for my one blog is normally at 1,000 views by now, but it's only at 220 views 0_o and they keep jumping up and down! I hope the stats go back to normal.

  10. Happening here as well - bumping the thread.

  11. My stats are static now for more than 14 hours.

  12. tansywhitebytts

    Mine are going backwards! Now down to a solitary 1 - which is not what it was an hour ago!

  13. My graphed stats are switching back and forth between the count this morning at 8:30 and later counts. Also the hits on specific pages and posts are flipping back and forth between the early counts and later counts.

  14. I just noticed this problem as well.

  15. Mine are coming and going as well !!

  16. pictsies in the database alert! my stats are jumping from 8 to 312!

  17. tryingtobegreener

    Still having problems. Does anyone know when this will be fixed?

  18. caseytrowbridge

    Mine have been stuck at 254 for several hours now as well.

  19. 1minutebookreviewswordpresscom

    Two messgaes to [email redacted] have brought no answers on the stats problem, which I'm having too. My stats on One-Minute Book Reviews started acting up in late morning or early afternoon today. The glitch takes away hundreds of page views in one swoop. Once today the page views game back. But now the stats are completely frozen at the level they reached before I got up this morning.

  20. tryingtobegreener

    Does anyone have an answer about this? Can we expect it to be fixed and will be be able to see actual stat results for today or are they "lost"?

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