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blog status: inform users if their blog is marked as 'Mature' on Dashboard

  1. in view of the "How do I know that my Blog is marked mature?" support question.

    Dashboard's frontpage seems to be a proper place.

  2. +1 I think the list of blogs that you see when you view the main page would be a good place if not better. We've got enough on the dashboard.

  3. +1
    it should have a little "why?" link next to it, as well. perhaps it belongs up there next to the feedback button since the forums are no help.

    although it's -1 in the sense that i think that an increase in self regulation, as well as leveraging an NSFW tag would do a better job than this 'mature' stuff, which is a bad euphamism.

  4. NSFW is usually for pictures though. Mature can cover text and other content.

  5. that doesn't mean it has to be. the tag should be as content-agnostic as possible. if is going to maintain any pretense of this 'common carrier' stuff, they need to stop playing moral police. there's more to this, but i'm repeating myself:

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