blog still suspended after things have been resolved?

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    as i’ve mentioned earlier, my friend is having issues with his blog,

    his account is, of corse suspended, so he can’t login here, and he have made a complaint — filed a ticket with support.

    last night, a spokes person “mark” contacted him, saying that everything has been resolved and his blog is back.

    but, there have been no change, the blog and account is still suspended.

    i’m posting here after number of emails, and no reply from support either from email, or the contact forum through he have filed tickets.

    can you please tell me how to go further about this issue?

    with warm regards,


    The blog I need help with is


    The volunteers here in the forums cannot help with this and no one knows when staff will wander through.

    The blog owner is the one that has to take this up with staff and all I can suggest is for them to contact staff again.



    doesn’t moderators ever browse forums around?

    he have tried sending emails, but there have been, no response yet.

    can somebody please help in reaching moderators in a better way?

    support forums, and emails are of no help yet.

    if some1 can please forward this thread or bring to the notice of the staff, it’ll be really appreciated.




    Moderators are bloggers just like us. Moderators have no super powers. Only staff have super powers.

    Don’t send emails. Have the blog owner use the support contact form at http://support.wordpress.COM/contact/ .

    And nikita19, staff will not discuss this with you since you are not the blog owner.

    I have modlooked this thread in hopes that staff might see it, but that is no guarantee.


    nikita19, staff has seen it, but thesacredpath is right. The blog owner must get in touch with us to discuss the situation. Please have him contact us at the mentioned link. Thanks.

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